Want to look fashionable for a fraction of the cost? Got a party you need to dress up for? Want the freedom of changing your look on a regular basis without having your ped tied up in multiple outfits?

Farstar Fashion Rental Service is just for you!

How it works
Every outfit or separate piece has a price listed in the web inventory at farstarfashion.com. There's a web chat there so if you’re interested in an item, just post there with questions or to set up a trade.


  • Full collateral is required even if you’re just trying on clothes for 1 minute. See prices on website.
Accepted Collateral: PED, CLD or TT of an item. I will set the MU value for any item you want to use as collateral.

Fee for renting is 1% of clothing price per day.
Example for an outfit with 100 ped price:
  • 1 day rental => 99 peds returned
  • 7 day rental => 93 peds returned
  • 21 day rental => 79 peds returned
  • 100 day rental => 0 peds returned

If at any time you want to “buy” the outfit you are renting, simply let me know. No rental fees will be charged in this case.

  • Certain outfits must be rented (and returned) as a unit. With others, you can rent and return pieces separately.
  • Clothes must be returned in the same condition you took them out.

All outfits are available for purchase unless they are currently being rented out to someone